Laminex/D&K Minkote G2


Regular Price: $2,199.99
Today’s Price: $1,649.99

Mini Kote The Laminex MiniKote G2 Two-Sided 27" wide MiniKote Laminator is easy to operate, contemporary in design and is perfect for classroom and office environments. When your professional requirements demand a dependable, simple to operate laminator, the Two-Sided MiniKote G2 will meet your needs. Easily protect and preserve all your educational & professional documents including charts, posters, maps, newspapers clippings, teaching aids, children’s drawings and more with this Laminex laminator. Variable speed 0-9 fpm, 1" Core. Digital display with temperature, speed, and usage counter readouts.

27 Inch Laminator Powered by Alps, Plastic Lamination, Lonoke, AR
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